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Features of KOVKA 3D

The software Kovka 3D is a unique and indispensable tool for every person involved in designing, manufacturing or selling forged products. This is a unified informational environment that unites all stages of product creation from order registration, designing and constructing stages to manufacturing and selling. Using the software allows you to save time for performing all the tasks, which has a beneficial effect on the company’s performance.

“Kovka 3D” favorably differs from other similar programs with an easy and intuitive interface combined with a huge set of functions and additional features, tools for creating the user libraries in accordance with the current technical standarts and ready-made working models in particular.

The program allows you to quickly and easily design a metal structure of any complexity, both in the form of a blueprint and a 3D image and also a sketch of the finished part, to calculate the number of necessary supplies, to set up a commercial offer and a waybill for the goods.

Given the ease of controlling, Kovka 3D can be implemented in the production process in the shortest possible time. The ability to create visual 3D models makes it easier to set an agreement with the customer and to avoid any possible misunderstandings. The creators of the program do not stop at the achieved successes, constantly improving their product in accordance with the wishes of users, complementing the functionality and making the work with Kovka 3D the most convenient and effective one.

Our company offers a sketching service in accordance to your wishes. It is not necessary to purchase it for a single use of the Kovka 3D program. Our specialists will take care of creating a blueprint or a 3D image for a very reasonable price.

There is also an opportunity to purchase ready-made sketches for the most popular forged products. We are offering original variants of openwork gates and wickets, garden furniture, street decor, interior items and kitchen appliances.

KOVKA3D DEMO - free demo version of the program

Special for companies and individuals who need Kovka 3D solely to create a vivid, realistic picture of the finished product.

Owners of this version can use the functions to create a sketch of a forged product. This program is intended solely for purpose of familiarization with the basic version of programs.

In the demo version, some special functions are not available. The non-available functions are needed solely for calculation and analysis of the technical component of forging. Save functions are excluded as well.