KOVKA3D v 2.2 web key for 182 days


KOVKA3D Pro is designed for companies of any size specializing in the implementation of all stages of manufacturing forged products.


KOVKA3D web is designed for small companies with small turnover which do not need additional functions, as well as for companies and individuals engaged in the sales of forged products. This software product has some limitations on functionality, not supporting purely technical stages of creating sketches and maps for welding and forging works, but there are fully available functions responsible for visualizing products. That is, the program will help you quickly create a sketch, a drawing and a 3D image and print them to discuss all the necessary details with the customer beforehand and to show him the realistic appearance of a ready-made product in order to avoid all mistakes and misunderstandings between the manufacturer and the customer. And this all is for a very small price since this version is sold for a really ridiculous price.


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